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Kirota's palace - Page 1 - Nightfall - By Kanosint - Overview
The soft glow of the setting autumn sun basks the endless plains and rolling hills in an orange light, as a gentle breeze rustles the knee-deep grasses. The few trees standing here are shedding their leaves, like a colourful rain... How you got here, you do not remember, but you're here now, with no known way to return, and with no clothing or other equipment whatsoever.
Of course, this is by no means a good state to be in in a wilderness like this: last night, you could almost feel hungry creatures gaze upon you, waiting for sleep to claim you as they patiently wait under the cover of the cold, bitter darkness. Nay, it was by no means advisable to spend another night outside, so it definetely came as a relief to you when you spotted the minarets of a beautiful, marble-white castle on a hill, maybe an hour's walk away...

Though as you stood gazing at those towers in their elegant simplicity, your eyes fell upon a building a little bit closer to you: a small, dust-covered farm, right next to a small cornfield. It looked safe enough, and if you could live with the no doubt dirty interior, it might be a suitable place to spend the night...
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