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Katrin's unwanted Vore Adventure. - Page 1 - Katrin's unwanted Vore Adventure. - By BlueFox - Overview
Katrin Icemore

Hight: 5'4"

Hair: White strait the hair is 3' in leanth

Tail: is 5'4" in leanth and the white tip covers a foot of her tail on the end. It is thick and fluffy, it will be all that she would need to keep herself warm in the middle of the night.

Black fur: goes from her knees to her feet and from her elbows to her finger tips as well she has black fur on the tips of her ear.

White fur: her inner ear has white fur in it as well as on the tip of her tail. Her face is covered starting from the top part of her muzzle but not the very top like it splits the top part of her muzzle in half and it comes down to the tips of her cheek fur and the fur comes inward from under her cheek fur to the front of her neck, then comes down and hit her collar bone and then it spreads out to the out side of her breast, covering her breast and then narrows inward only covering her little 6 pack and then starts to widen outward after the belly button slightly coming outward on her hips but stays away from her hip bones then narrows down to her pussy only covering her whole pussy and it ends.

Breast: FF cup size.

Shape: her body is shaped like a hour glass with her waist smaller than her hips with her ass rounded and firm as her thighs are tone.

Powers: She controls water, she is able to suck it out of plants and use blood as a weapon. She can change its temperature as well as draw water out of the air if its humid enough. How ever her skill level is low so she needs the use of her arms to be able to do her water magic. If she is unable to move she would be helpless to attackers as well if she doesn't considerate she wont be able to do her magic, like having her privets molested or perpetrated keeps her from focusing fully and she would have problems doing her magic making a chance for a miscast greater if not being able to cast at all.

Background: Katrin has been living by herself, evading predators, attackers and worst of all a black wolf named Jessica Shadowfang who has hunted Katrin relentless wanting Katrin as her sex slave. Katrin perfurs to be by large bodies of water but she will venture out but only to look for another body of water to stay at for awhile. She doesn't like to wear clothing but she does keep herself clothed by using her water magic to make a sexy looking ice armor outfit that covers her privets. She doesn't run all the fast on land but in the water she is able to literally go over 100 MPH and can hold her breath for hours at a time but she is only able to do those things with the use of her magic.

Diet: She does eat meat but she mainly eats fish. Fruit and vegetables is what she eats mostly and she does have the experience in finding edible vigitation in the forest. She wont eat a whole author but if she is really hungry she will just cut some pices off of what ever she killed to eat just to satisfy herself.

Personality: She tends to keep to herself and is shy around new faces that she doesn't know. She is humble and she does favor being by herself.
(will add other bio's of my characters later)
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