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Tiffany's Belly - Page 1 - Tiffany's Belly - By JT - Overview
While walking home from school, young 16 year old tiffany began to feel really sad. Why did all the kids at school make fun of her? She was quiet, and didn’t talk much. It must have been when she swallowed the class hamster in 7th grade.

While walking home she looked on the side of the road. A brown paper bag caught her eye, and she grabbed it. Not a beer bottle inside, but a gun. Not one that fired bullets she later finds out, but one that can shrink anything.

Tiffany thought to herself what good this would be. Just then, her stomach growled loudly. She just remember..she had not eaten anything all day today. She was starving. She kept walking, hungry and with her new toy. Suddenly a jogger began to job by and she had to. “BOOM”

The gun has fired and the jogger was only 3 inches high. She walked over and picked the woman up. Once more her stomach growled and with out thinking, Tiffany swallowed the woman jogger down.

“burp” she said. Wow…that was pretty tasty. I wonder if I can do this to other people?

While rubbing her stomach, feeling the little woman punch kick and eventually churn and digest, she thought who else she wouldn’t mind eating.
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