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The Hunt - Page 1 - The Hunt - By Dahso - Overview
{First off, let me say welcome to my first Interactive! I would like to start off the introduction with a few guidelines to the story...

1. All types of vore are permitted; I will not be contributing to all types of vore however. Adult material is to be expected but do not try to make this into some snuff story. Not every scene has to be sexual or voreish.
2. If you contribute please put some effort into your posts, by no means does it need to be perfection, but capitalize and grammar is a plus.
3. Poorly constructed posts will be removed.
4. If you want to add a new species feel free. No restrictions there, but keep quality of posts in mind.

The Story

The forest in which you will pick one of your factions is an isolated area, cut off from modern civilization. The recent rising of tribal human population has caused the forest to react through it's animal wardens. Among these factions are the Tribal Humans, The Wolfs, The Mountain Lions, and possibly others who cross your path. Your task is to survive and bring glory to your tribe through whatever means; you will encounter many foes along the way, and only quick wits and strength will save you from the merciless forest.

You look about your surroundings, your mind clouded by a day of hunting through the dank forest; you look to the sky. A bead of water drips from the surface of your face...

But is your face of fur or skin?
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