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Shrinking Down to Size - Page 1 - Starting the adventure - By Deathworks - Overview
You are John Stone, 21 years old, student. Thus far, your life has been rather dull. Studying English at the Jason University, you have been fortunate to have parents with lots of money and no intention of intervening with your affairs as long as you don't mess up their image. Considering your hanging around student parties and other events the rich usually don't visit, your life as a student may continue indefenitely.
. Currently, your mind is troubled. It's not the exams which are to take place in a few days (you figure that since you haven't invested any effort in them anyway, you don't need to worry about messing them up). It's about your girl- friend Marsha who is considering becoming your ex- girl- friend. You don't really understand why she would want to leave you. It couldn't be because of those two dates with Jane, and she needn't worry about Lisa either, so what gives? Probably just some female thing men are not meant to understand.
. Anyway, you have been at this rather dull party for some two hours and Marsha has been trying her best to keep away from you. Darn, should you approach her, and ask what's up? - No, last time you tried that she got mad at you calling you a clutz. Maybe she wants you to give her a present or have a private date with her. Yeah, that should do the trick.
. Just as you are about to leave the bar in search of Marsha, you see something glittering on the counter. A silver ring with a single black jewel. You haven't noticed it before, and no one else seems to notice it. Finders Keepers, you may just as well try this as a present for Marsha, it does look kind of nice.
. You touch the ring when you suddenly feel strange. The black jewel expands until it fills the entirety of your view and everything goes black...
. When you recover, everything is odd. You are on a brown, flat plain. In the distance, you see what must be giants moving around. At least you can still here the music from the party. But where are you? Then you recognize things, although you can hardly believe it, the plain you are standing on must be the bar's counter. The sky scraper to your right must be the bottle of beer you were drinking from. You can't be more than half an inch tall! The ring! Where is the ring? It all happened when you touched it. You look around, but there is no trace of the ring. What are you to do?
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