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Looks like Trouble - Page 1 - Looks like Trouble - By Trouble - Overview
You were the only passenger of a small private plane, which went down over a vast jungle. You and the pilot both survived, but he was quickly gobbled up by a giant carnivorous plant! Fleeing it, you found yourself deep in the jungle, with no clue of which way may lead back to the plane, much less to safety.


This story is almost anything goes. Put an HV in the title of a hardvore chapter and an S in ones with scat, but other then that go wild. There are a few setting requirements however.

Preds: Trouble is the jungle's only intelligent predator. The others are all monsterous animals, giant plants, and the like. You can of course turn things around and kill, or possibly vore, the predators.

Trouble: A young monkeygirl who lives in the jungle, and seems to be it's only intelligent predator. Her name is apt, and she loves to play tricks on her prey. She's extremely crafty, and attempts to kill or eat her will always go wrong, and probably end up with you in her stomach instead. If you want to survive, avoiding her is the only option.

So with all that out of the way, are you male or female?
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