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Job Training - Page 1 - Job Training - By Anonymous - Overview
Sara flipped through the newspaper looking for a new job. She needed to find one soon cause her funds were running really low, and on top of that her rent was late. It wasn’t like there was a job shortage or anything, she just couldn’t find one that suited her. After looking at the want ads for a while she comes across something that catches her eye.

Extra’s needed for small movie rolls. Excellent pay and flexible hours available. On the spot auditions for all applicants. Must have a VERY open mind. Apply at FB Corp today! Ask for Remy.

Ripping the small ad out of the paper she gets up and starts to get ready. Sara was more then just your average 21 year old. Standing about 5' 3" tall with long blonde hair down to her shoulders. Not to mention her sparkling blue eyes and nice developed chest, she was truly a thing to behold. Fixing up her hair in a bit she smiles at her reflection. “You can do this, I know you can!” she says, flipping off the lights and heading out the door to her car.

Ms. Sara Kline was on her way to her new job. She just didn’t know it yet....

Arriving at the large office compound Sara parks her car and heads inside. Walking up to the front desk she is greeted by a perky young receptionist.

“Hello Miss, and welcome to FB Corp. How may I help you today?” the energetic young red head asks.

“Umm... Hello, my name is Sara Kline and I’m here about the job opening.”

The receptionist’s eyes light up, “Really!?! Oh Remy will be so happy. Can you believe they were going to close down the whole project unless they found someone soon.”

Not wanting to seem clueless Sara decides to just agree. “Well ummm.... I’m just happy I could help out.”

Pulling out a small stack of papers the receptionist hands them to Sara. “Just fill out these forms and we’ll get you started right away.”

She begins to work on the paperwork as fast as she can, not really reading them as well as she should. Just quickly filling in the blanks and skipping over all the actual text. It all seemed pretty standard. Name, Address, Personal info, Emergency contacts, injury or death waver..... Huh? Handing the completed forms back to the receptionist she stops her for a second. “Excuse me. Not that it’s a problem or anything, but what’s that waver all about?” The receptionist sighs, “Well let’s just say... Some people were hurt when we first opened cause we didn’t have as many safety features for our extras. There were a few lawsuits... no biggie.” Sara just nods, “I understand... I guess.” Taking Sara’s papers the receptionist disappears into a small room behind her desk. After about 5 minutes she returns accompanied by a beautiful young catgirl.

“Oh, She’ll do wonderfully.” the catgirl says looking Sara over with a toothy grin.

The receptionist steps forward putting on her customer service grin again, “Sara, this is Remy Afterglow. She is pretty much the boss around here so she’ll be holding your audition.”

Sara looks over the sexy catgirl. She appeared to be about the same size as her, only she had glowing green eyes. Not to mention her D-cups were almost popping out of her halter top.

“Pleased to meet you Ms. Afterglow” Sara says offering Remy her hand.

Grabbing the outstretched hand she begins to walk towards the back of the room, “You can call me Remy, and there’s no time to lose. We need to get your..... audition... going right away.”

Sara was pleased that things were moving this quickly. Normally when she applied for a job they make her wait for a week.

“They did tell you that some of our films are of an adult nature, didn’t they?” Remy asks.

“Ummm... yeah that’s no problem as long as it’s softcore” Sara replied, blushing a little. (Sara had never been a prude, she had a real wild streak in her and she wasn’t afraid to do much of anything.)

“Well that’s a relief. Here I thought I was going to have to train a total newbie.”

The two start down a long hallway covered in movie posters. Looking at them Sara is a bit surprised to see that most of them women on them seem to be pregnant. Not that something like that bothered her, she was just starting to wonder how she fit in to all of this. On one of the posters she passed she recognized Remy, smiling that same toothy grin and holding her swollen belly. Strange, she never pictured Remy as the motherly type. Reaching the end of the hall Remy throws open a door to a small studio and walks in.

Besides the normal things you’d see on the set of a movie, (Lights, Cameras, TVs, etc) there was also a good deal of medical supplies. Pill bottles, bandages, and something that looked like a little tv... only different.

“This is the set of our newest film. You get the pleasure of working with me this time. Don’t worry though, I know what I’m doing” Remy says making sure the two cameras are lined up. “Everything as far as cameras and lights are controlled by remote. It really cuts down on the production costs.” She walks over to the bed and sits down. “So... any questions?”

At this point Sara’s mind is racing. Well at least there wouldn’t be camera guys eyeing up her naked form. “Uhh.... Is there a script I should be working from” She asks walking over and sitting down next to the beautiful catgirl.

Remy just laughs, “We found that people seem to do much better if they just play themselves. Just try to act really unwilling, ok?” Sara relaxes on the bed, laying back a little.

“Ok... So does this job pay well?” she asks sliding up next to Remy.

“Well it does depending on what your willing to do” She replies with a wicked grin. “If you do well on this scene I’ll make sure you get well taken care of.” Remy pulls out a small remote from her pocket and clicks the cameras on. “Ok, here we go. Are you ready?”

Sara just nods. She was as ready as she was going to be. Remy climbs up onto the bed and pulls Sara up with her. “Just try to remember that this is just an audition, you don’t need to be nervous” Remy says reaching down to unbutton Sara’s jeans. Slowly unzipping her zipper she let’s the pants slide down her smooth thighs. As they slide to the ground they reveal Sara’s royal blue panties. “Is this your first time?” Remy asks pulling her pants off the bottom of her feet and tossing them aside.

Sara giggles a little, “Not my first time ever. Heck, not even my first time with a woman, but this is the first time I did it in front of a camera. I must admit this is going a bit fast for me.”

Remy stops and leans in, giving Sara a deep loving kiss, “I’d love to take my time with you, dear... but I haven’t had my lunch yet. You can probably understand why I’m in a bit of a hurry.” She slides her hands up under Sara’s shirt and begins to explore.

Getting a little overwhelmed Sara pulls back a bit. “Umm... do you think I could maybe have something to drink?”

Remy a bit shocked, sits up abruptly. “Really? I mean, yes of course you can.” She gets up and walks over to the medical supplies and mixes up some chemicals into a diet soda. “Here you go” she says handing the soda to Sara.

Grabbing the can she takes a few gulps of soda and gags. “Ugh... that tastes weird... what is..” before she can finish her thought she gets very light headed. The room starts spinning around her and she blacks out.

Waking up a few minutes later Sara blinks a few times and looks around. In just about every direction there just seemed to be ton of... white cotton hills? Was she dreaming? She pinched herself to make sure and she was awake, but as it turned out... she was. Slowly getting back onto her feet, she looks up and is a bit surprised to see the sun.

How did she get outside? Wait! There are two suns out... What the hell? After a minute of thinking it finally dawns on her. “No way.... I’m.... tiny!” she yells. Sensing something behind her she spins around to see a giant open hand coming towards her. She starts to run but the hand scoops her up with ease.

Remy giggles as she scoops Sara up off the bed. She was now only about 5 inches tall and had become a wonderful little play thing. “Well.. well.. My tasty little friend, are you ready to start now?” She teased the tiny girl.

Somewhere along the way Sara had lost the rest of her clothing and now shivered in Remy’s grasp, her mind flooded with questions. She tried to yell some of them but Remy just started back at her with a hungry look in her eyes.

Still under the impression that Sara knew what was going on, Remy just continued the audition. Pounding her fists on Remy’s hand Sara did her best to protest what was going on. The only problem was that it just seemed to make Remy happier.

Just then Remy’s belly let’s out a loud grumble causing her to purr. “I have to say this is the part of audition I love the very best.” She says opening her mouth and holding the tiny Sara above her head. “You’ve done wonderfully so far. Our extra’s hardly ever want to use shrinking potions. Now all you have to do is squirm as much as you can and I can almost guarantee you the job.”

Opening her mouth and sliding out her tongue Remy lowers the tiny kicking body into her mouth, snapping her jaws closed and trapping the girl inside. Her purring groaning louder as her cheeks start to bulge due to all of Sara’s struggling.

Meanwhile Sara was in a start of sheer panic. Kicking, punching and scratching at everything around her, as Remy’s tongue slides her around getting her entire body coated in saliva.

“Mmmph... you taste divine.” Remy says, and with one smooth motion tips her head upward taking one massive gulp. Her eyes slowly closing as she feels the thrashing body squeeze into her throat and begin sliding lower and lower.

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