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The Elemental Plane - Page 1 - The Elemental Plane - By Rowan - Overview
Welcome to the elemental plane, home of the elements of the galaxy. While the elementals that inhabit this world vary greatly they mostly follow the same anatomy as far as shape and size in consideration to their race.

The playable elements include:

Light: Victors of the war, while they used to be a calm and calculative element. They have recently grown massive in greed, desire, and power.

Darkness: Losers of the war, the most ancient element on the planet, they were known to be primal and instinctive, and they still are, even more so since their defeat in the war.

Earth: Allies of the Darkness, though they have no legal alliance with the darkness they have provided home and shelter for their weak and elderly. The earth elementals are a proud and strong race, they hold their heads high even when backed in a corner, and if that point is ever reached, the earth itself will roar in their counter strike.

Air: A neutral party. The air elementals are, for the most part, secluded within their home within the clouds, though it is not uncommon to see a few adventurers from the cloud city strolling through the markets. The air elementals are wild and free and pleasant, they do what they wish but try there best to remain in bounds. While the air elementals may express their freedom, they try to keep their neutral status as is.

Water: A neutral party. it is said that the earth and water nations are at constant war with each other, though in truth they see each other as mutual rivals. The water elementals are normally calm people, with a strong sense of honor. They are also known to be extremely fierce if ever a time requires them to be.

Fire: Allies to the light. When the light found itself losing many of it's solider's to the Darkness' troops, the fire nation stepped in and supplied them with a small army and materials. While the fire elementals are known to be some of the most dazzling and beautiful elementals in the world, they are also known to be the most fierce and aggressive, most fire elementals have a short fuse and tend to viciously attack anyone who so much as mock the way they walk.

Nature: The nature elementals are not allied to the darkness, but are against the light. During the war, the light elementals launched a devastating attack on the darkness' home that not only destroyed nearly ninety percent of the darkness homeland, but also caused a crater that could, in time, cause a major imbalance in the world as the crater continues to get larger due to an unusual increase in the cores gravitational pull. This global disaster has nearly brought the nature elementals to arms against the light, but only recently held back after the profit announced his findings. Nature elementals are calm, steady, and patient, they will wait for years for something, even for the most trivial of things. But as such they are also prone to looking far into future possibilities or inevitabilities and see them as happening tommorow. The nature elementals don't fight often, but are known for capturing then attacking rather then taking direct action.

Technology: Technology elementals are the youngest, and by far, the strangest elementals to currently walk the planet. They are unwaveringly loyal to those they see as their masters, and will do as their master wishes without question. There are very few Technology elementals that do not see themselves as having master, but those that do are rumored to be chaotic, deadly, dangerous, and by far the most powerful beings in existence. It is said that if the technology elementals ever abandoned the idea of masters, then all other elemental nations would come to an end within days.

The choice is yours. Which element will you take control of?
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