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Dating Vore: Prey - Page 1 - Dating Vore: Prey - By Cryptrat - Overview
Date With Fate is a popular vorish dating program that goes out on the road looking for eager volunteers to join the cast in a "Date With Fate" with the cast members.

While some people tend to look down on the spectacle of it, as well as the aspect where the contestants end up eaten, no one can really argue the popularity of the program or how many viewers tune in every week to see who gets eaten.

After a lucky break involving the producer, you have been chosen to be the latest contestant on the show. You have found yourself whisked into a stage on set, and greeted by a rather voluptuous tigress, who is taking down your information.

"First off," she says smiling while looking you over "We need to figure out where we're going to place you. Are you more interested in having a date with our female cast, the the male cast, or..." she gives you a wink as she directs your attention to the growing bulge in her mini-skirt. "Are you more interested in someone who has the best of both worlds?"
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