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World of Vorecraft - Page 689 - This information must be vital, take her back to base! - By Racklin1899 - Overview
You agree, dismissing your misgivings as mere paranoia. If she has information about the Horde then it needs to be delivered as soon as possible. With your weapon in hand you lead her back across the snowbound valley until you reach your bunker. You make good time, ensuring that there's at least some sunlight left, but despite your speed the Pandaren's prey has stopped struggling by the time you reach the gates. Having eaten more than a few women in your time you surmise that she has just given up instead of having been digested, but the sounds coming from Li-Fang's belly will make that distinction moot within the next few hours.

As you pass through the gate one of the Night E;ves guarding it, Byarii you recall, stops you and sets a hand on Li-Fang's belly. "Pick up a new girlfriend, Evelyn?" she asks.

You roll your eyes. "Actually-"

"Yes!" Li-Fang's interjection cuts you off, and before you can turn to face her she plants a kiss on your cheek. Her movement elicits a few more weak struggles from her meal but it seems more of a simple reaction than a genuine attempt for freedom. When she pulls away from you you are left blushing.

The steel in your voice has given way to mumbled embarrassment. "We actually have information for the Captain." The two sisters snicker and allow you to pass, and you quickly usher Li-Fang to the Captain's office. You wait outside for half an hour as she is debriefed, after which Captain Bristol exits with the well fed Pandaren behind her.

"Good job, Evelyn," the older woman rumbles. Li-Fang just tipped us off to a major Horde attack, and we think we can eliminate them before they're in position. It'll be risky, but if we set up an ambush with a large patrol further down the valley we can take them by surprise and get them before they get us." She pats Li-Fang's belly in approval. "Go lay down and sleep that off."

The Pandaren salutes. "Yes ma'am!" and walks off toward the barracks, giggling at her churning gut as she goes.

The captain turns back to you. "You go get some rest too, Evelyn. You've been out all day and I don't want one of the Alliance's finest paladins succumbing to exhaustion out here."
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