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World of Vorecraft - Page 690 - "Actually, I'd like to join the ambush party." - By Racklin1899 - Overview
Captain Kira frowns. "Are you sure?"

"Yes ma'am," you reply. "I'm one of the best soldiers here, I helped find this information, and I'm absolutely starving. Those are three reasons right there why you can't afford to let me sit this out. I've been waiting for some action for a while."

She ponders for a few moments before slumping her shoulders. "Alright, get prepared. You move out in half an hour. Dismissed."

With a few last moment preparations you are ready for battle, get your mount, and set out with the patrol. The leader of the group is a Lightforged Draenei named Tarioa, and the group is made up of two dozen soldiers all from various Alliance races... except Worgen, you notice. You shrug, not thinking much of it, as your party moves down the trail to the ambush point, licking your lips with the thought of the tasty Horde morsels you were about to have.

Unfortunately you only make it halfway before things go wrong. Nets fly at the women traveling at the front and back of the column, leaving everyone in the middle, including you, trapped. Arrows fly from the darkness striking several of your sisters and they collapse like sacks of grain on the ground. Not dead, as you notice them twitching, merely paralyzed. You dismount and ready your weapon just in time for the Horde troops to charge your weakened group, but the moment you see them you realize that, thanks to the nets and the paralyzing arrows, you're outnumbered. A busty Tauren shaman rushes at you and Tarioa, batting your shield aside with a mighty blow, grabbing the Lightforged Draenei and stuffing her down her throat with one long gulp. Before her meal has even had time to come to a complete rest in her bulging gut a pair of dwarven warriors rushes at her, intent on rescuing the party leader, but the cow woman sees them well in advance with her greater size and reach grabs up the two armored ladies and sends them down her esophagus with a single, almost unnoticeable bulge each.

You charge, weapon raised, but her fist catches you in the chest and you go down and the world fades away.
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