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World of Vorecraft - Page 691 - Taken prisoner by the Horde... there's only one way this can go. - By Racklin1899 - Overview
Minutes later your eyes open and, much to your dismay, you discover that you've been stripped naked and your hands have been bound. A quick glance to your left and right shows you that you aren't alone, and a half dozen of your fellow Alliance soldiers are likewise bound and stripped on the side of this Alterac trail.

"What's going on?" a gruff voice barks, and the Horde soldiers, all with squirming bellies, stand at attention before you as a well endowed female Orc strides up with a wriggling gut of her own. "Are these prisoners?"

One of your captors, the Tauren woman who devoured Tarioa, begins to speak up but the Orc cuts her off. "There are no prisoners on this raid," she growls, "Only snacks. Hurry up and take care of them, we have to meet up with Li-Fang at the bunker for Stage 2."

Your face goes pale at the mention of the Pandaren's name. She must have been setting this up from the very beginning, and instead of questioning her you fell right into that Pandaren's trap... damn those neutral Pandas!

The Horde women move toward you and the other prisoners without hesitation. The Tauren Shaman, recognizing you from the battle, is the one to approach you. She gives a warm smile, almost motherly, as she stands before you with her squirming belly. "Hello! I'm Yamka." With a massive hand she pushes your head against the outside of her belly, and you can faintly hear voices arguing from within. "Shhhh, it'll be alright," she whispers.

The Tauren picks you up and brings you up to her face. You can feel her warm breath wash over you. "I'm sorry about this. "Well, not as sorry as I should be, I guess, but I do wish things could have been different." She opens her mouth, showing you the moist darkness at the back of it, then snaps her jaws shut inches in front of your face and giggles. "Sorry, I just can't help playing with my dinner sometimes."

"Yamka, hurry up, we've already eaten the rest!" the Orc yells.

Yamka frowns for a moment. "In different circumstances I'm sure you would have been a great friend instead of just great food."

You sigh, defeated, and look at her as she licks your face again. "I'm Evelyn."

"Nice to meet you, Evelyn," Yamka smiles. "And nice to eat you!" You suppress a smile as she opens her mouth and guides your head in. Her tongue brush over your features, quickly but thoroughly, as she swallows you down, making a quick meal of you to avoid angering her commander, and within a minute your feet pass between her lips and she swallows, sealing you into her stomach for good.

The tight confines of her stomach clench and spray acids, pushing you against the Lightforged Draenei... and her squirming belly. You look around and notice the two dwarven warriors Yamka swallowed are nowhere to be seen. You lock your eyes firmly on her stomach as the Tauren rubs her meals, including you, from the outside, stimulating digestion.

"What?" Tarioa asks, almost innocently. "We were already eaten..."

You shrug, realizing that it doesn't matter now, and lean against her as the stomach begins to break you both down. Secretly you're a little upset that digestion is going so quickly. After eating so many people now that you were in that same position you wanted to experience the same process your gut had subjected them to, out of curiosity if nothing else. Instead it looks like you'll be overpowered by her gastric processes within half an hour.

You huddle with Tarioa as the end comes and the belly squeezes and kneads the two of you into mush. Yamka continues rubbing her huge gut until she feels you both stop moving and sighs as you are broken down faster than any meal she has ever had, too her disappointment as well. Once Yamka and her group reaches the bunker Li-Fang opens the gates from within and the well-fed Horde raiding party overruns the garrison using the element of surprise and devours them, bringing a great victory for the Horde on their march to capture Alterac.

Though she never got to know you, Yamka thinks back on you more often than any other meal, and plays with her pudgier breasts from time to time to remind herself of the contribution that a beautiful Paladin once made to her.
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