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World of Vorecraft - Page 715 - "I guess I should read it." - By Racklin1899 - Overview
It's short and succinct, not much more than a request for your appearance at the Hall of Legends with instructions to find Monda Heart-taker for further details. You heard the name before, briefly. She's a young rising star in the military, her ambition like a predator's hunger. Whatever she's planning is going to be big, glorious... and dangerous.

Just the kind of job you love.

You make your way there without incident and are directed to a dingy room at the back of the hall. Already there is a brown Tauren warrior with stubby horns, easily eight feet tall, maybe nine. The towering bovine woman smiles as she sees you walk in. "Oh, I didn't know I'd be working with someone!" She extends a furry hand, which you firmly shake. "I'm Yamka," she says, beaming.

"Takra," you grunt.

Over the next few minutes as you wait the two of talk, waiting for Monda to arrive. Yamka was a veteran, fighting the Scourge through Northrend, the Burning Legion, and the Alliance, most prominently at Alterac Valley. You give a few details about your past, mostly solo missions deep in enemy territory. She's friendly enough, and certainly talkative. While you wait a blood elf walks in, a slim priest with her golden hair pulled up in a ponytail and clad in flowing robes of red and gold, and shortly after her a troll warlock, wearing next to nothing, her wild eyes darting around the room with a feral fervor. the blood elf introduced herself, Tamara, and as the troll retreats to a corner she tells you her name is Indenn. Shortly after the two of them arrive in strolls Monda Heart-taker, the ambitious young orc officer who summoned you all here. Her heavy plate armor doesn't seem to slow her, neighter does the battle axe strapped to her back, and the look of mischief on her face catches your attention. Behind her is a night elf, naked, hands bound, wearing a leash. The prisoner is nervous, as she should be.

Monda's voice booms almost as loudly as the tauren, but instead of a lighthearted friendliness it echoes with the disciplined authority of a commander. "Thank you for joining me here, ladies." She looks around, measuring the four of you up. "I've got a proposal for you. It's dangerous. Reckless. Foolish. At least according to my superiors. We'll have no reinforcements, so support, and if it goes wrong they'll deny we ever existed. But the rewards..." Her sharp teeth glint in the torchlight as her cocksure grin widens. "Wealth. Glory. And plenty of Alliance meat," she says, tugging on the night elf's leash.

Tamara raises her hand, green eyes squinting toward the prisoner. "And what, exactly, are we going to be doing?" she asked.

Monda reaches into her belt satchel and pulls out a handful of notes, yanking the night elf closer as she tosses them onto the table before you. "Each of you will be assigned a target. Take them out and meet back here when you're done, at which point I will disclose everything. Thanks to our purple friend here," she taunts, tugging the leash again and bringing the elf to the ground, "We have an opportunity to deal a heavy blow to the Alliance."

Tamara scoffs, unsatisfied with the admittedly lackluster explanation, but strides out with one of the notes, committing herself to the quest despite her obvious but unvoiced misgivings. Indenn swipes a note from the table and leaves as abruptly as she arrived with an animalistic growl. Yamka takes one for herself then hands one to you.

"One last thing," Monda rumbles, eyeing the door. "This is all very... unofficial. We can't have this elf languishing in a cell, it might attract unwanted attention, so as a gesture of good faith I'll give her to you two. Since they stormed out rather than getting to know their team, you two get to decide who eats lunch." She hands the elf's leash to you. "Don't worry, there will plenty of elves for everyone once this quest really begins." With that Monda marches out, leaving you and Yamka alone with the tasty looking night elf. Now, who should have her?
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