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World of Vorecraft - Page 716 - "She's mine!" - By Racklin1899 - Overview
You pull the elf closer, pressing yourself against her smooth, lavender flesh. Her whimpers are difficult to hear, but they make your mouth water all the same. You look up at the stout tauren woman beside you, and she gives you a warm smile. "Go ahead," she nods. "I prefer humans anyway."

You open your mouth wide and descend on the lithe lavender woman, engulfing her head with a single swallow. She twitches, but the ropes around her hands keep her from struggling. Before going any further you under the leash and collar around her throat. Your stomach could easily take care of them, but you'd rather not have this beautiful meal marred by even slight indigestion. Just as you attempt another swallow Yamka lifts your prey off the ground by her feet, her head still trapped in your mouth, and raises her above your head. You smile around your prey, not that it's noticeable, at her idea. You take your second swallow and Yamka gently lowers the elf down into your gullet. With the elf suspended above you like a well toned bushel of grapes you take your time tasting her, enjoying each small twist as she struggles against her bindings, each effort at freedom smothered more and more as she descends into you.

Your tongue prances across her moderate bust, then weaves its way across the elf's flat stomach, making its way along her body to her waist. You can feel her beginning to curl up in your stomach, a sensation that gives you as much pleasure now as it did with your first prey, so long ago. You spare a moment to slice through her wrist bindings with your dagger, the deft precision of a rogue ensuring that your meal was entirely unharmed by the rapid motion, before swallowing her butt. Yamka giggles as the elf vanishes into your maw with her help, and soon you work your way over her supple legs. When only her feet remain Yamka winks and pushes them into your mouth, your meal coming to an end as you give the final gulp and send the night elf completely into your large, round, green belly.

"It always fascinates me how the other races can eat someone so close to their size," Yamka says. "It's... I like it."

You lick your lips and let out a belch, patting your belly as the night elf moves within. "I like it too." You look down at the elf, her outline barely visible through the taut, round flesh of your massive gut. Yamka puts a large hand on your stomach and it gurgles at her, digestion beginning almost immediately.

"My, you're fast."

"Lots of practice," you say, rubbing your gut. The elf has already gone still, acids washing over her. "Sometimes I like to take my time with them. For now, I'd rather get on with the job."

"I get it," Yamka says, squeezing your gurgling stomach a bit more firmly. "Don't get eaten before we see each other again!" she teases. "We can compare meals."

"I'd like that," you say. Surprisingly you mean it. The tauren just seems to have a certain simple charm about her. "Stay safe, and more importantly, full." She giggles again and leaves the room. Now you are alone with your stomach, which is already wearing down the poor elf trapped within. Satisfied with the meal, and the possibility of a new friend, you read your note as you stroll out the door, memorizing your target and the information about her before shredding it.

"Well, this is going to be interesting..."
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