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World of Vorecraft - Page 717 - "Yamka, you take her." - By Racklin1899 - Overview
"Really?" the tauren asks, gently taking the leash from you.

You nod and shove the elf forward into the tauren's waiting arms. "Consider it a gift. I've eaten plenty of her kind before. I insist."

Yamka smiles, unleashing the prisoner and holding her up with both hands. "Want to see a trick?" You nod again, stoic as ever. Giggling, Yamka undoes the woman's wrist bindings but before she can move to run the busty tauren hugs the elf against her body. "I call it speed eating."

The bovine warrior descends on the elf with lightning speed, and in a second Yamka had swallowed her up to her waist. The tauren, towering over you and the prey halfway down her throat, gave the loudest, most forceful gulp you had ever heard and the elf vanished up to her feet into the tuaren's mouth. Before you had time to snap yourself out of the trance you were in even her purple feet were gone, shoved into the dark abyss in Yamka's gullet with a snap of her jaws. The bulge of the elf traveled down until it settled into the cow woman's stomach, bulging out noticeably as she was packed in.

In all, you estimate that Yamka had devoured the prisoner, an entire night elf, in the span of four seconds.

She belched, bringing a hand up to her lips. "Excuse me," she blushed. "I just get a bit gassy when I eat that fast." The elf, motionless until then, seemed to awakened or startled by Yamka's belch and began to struggle, making ineffectual bulges on the giant cow lady's gut.

"That was... impressive," you tell her.

"Much practice, dear." She seems positively beaming at your compliment, more so when you approach and press both hands against the bulge of her stomach, feeling the elf writing within. She continues as you begin to gently rub, clearly enraptured by the sensation. "I fight a lot of battles, and the ones who survive are the ones who can eat the most in the least amount of time. I'm not subtle, but I'm efficient." She belches again, steadily managing to conquer her embarrassment, and you walk her toward the door, her prey still thrashing in her gut.

You open your note and she does the same, both of you finishing at the same time. "Good luck, my friend," she says, patting her belly. "I hope this is just the first of many meals we have together."

"We'll see," you say, smirking back. With a wave she leaves you behind, the gurgling of her belly disappearing around the corner with her, and you are alone. You reread your note, memorize your target and all her details, before shredding it and setting off on your quest.
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