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Hotspring madness - Page 1 - Hotspring madness - By Uke the Chosen - Overview
This is my first story, I'll enjoy doing a lot of this, and anyone is welcome to help advance it along. A little bit of fun is perfectly fine, the pred will be using only CV. The characters, despite being japanese, will be anime like, so they'll have unique hair colors and such.


You, a young woman have come for a relaxing experience at your local hotspring. You have already undressed and submereged yourself into the water. There are five other girls around. Everyone is quiet and relaxing.

As you relax in the water, you notice a sixth girl come to the hotspring. She is about an average size with dark hair. You can't make much out of her because of the steam in the area, but she exchanges greetings to everyone and says her name is Hisagi.

By the why, what was your name again?
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