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Monster Hunted - Page 1 - Monster Hunter Tri, Interactive Vore Story - By Shadowpuma27 - Overview
Welcome to the new world of Monster Hunter. The occupation of hunting monsters has suddenly fallen on rough times, and only the bravest fight monsters now. This all started a few weeks back, during the annual Festival of Fear...

The quest was written for hunters to travel on a sandship into the dunes in teams of four, their challenge being to fight the largest of all monsters: the Jhen Mohran. This quest was completed by many hunters before-- but beginning with one particular team, the way monsters would see their 'hunters' was about to change.

The festival started off very similar to the others: the team of four was led by a greatsword warrior named Cortez, who led the party with bravery such that the team easily repelled the Jhen Mohran into the second stage of the Festival of Fear, where the team must leave the boat and fight it on foot. Again Cortez led the charge; two other hunters accompanied him, while one stayed back on the boat. The combined strength of Cortez's greatsword with his teammates' switch-axe and hammer toppled the Jhen Mohran on its side. It fell over, opening its mouth wide where, embedded within its giant maw, Cortez spotted a very sparkly and rare material. Cortez was a wise man, but this undiscovered material was too much for his brain to comprehend; without thinking, he ran inside the giant mouth to obtain it, and when he failed to lift it by himself he called for help. One of his teammates stood frozen in fear while the other rushed inside to help Cortez-- but the monster awoke, clamping its mouth shut over the two hunters and devouring them in an instant. The remaining hunters quickly abandoned the quest and sailed back to Loc Lac... but when Cortez and his teammate never returned, the hunting stopped.

Not many hunters were brave enough to go out and hunt again, and none ever dared to pursue the Jhen Mohran. The idea of devouring those who hunted them somehow spread from monster to monster, meaning that every quest suddenly posed a great danger and the possibility of not returning. But only time would tell if the Jhen Mohran who started this would eventually become stronger, and again move towards Loc Lac City where the Festival of Fear MUST be held each year. Who would arise to take on this challenge?

It seems that fate is kind, and a hunter who could slay the Jhen Mohran is already on a sandship headed towards Loc Lac City. Who is this Hunter?
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