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Into The Portal - Page 1 - First Page - By BradRepko - Overview

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ok, it wasn't exactly a white rabbit like in the stories, but perhaps clicking that cute little cyber bunny hadn't been a smart idea. A wormhole opened up and you were sucked into your computer screen and to another world. You wake up to finding youself looking skyward, sprawled out on your back. Taking a look down at yourself, you realize that you are no worse for the wear, although you don't have any idea how the hell you got outside. When you see a sexy bunny woman hop by looking strangely like the cyber bunny you had clicked on before entering the wormhole. Well, Alice, looks like you're not in Kansas anymore, but as you watch that sexy little ass of hers jiggle and bounce with each hop. You our sorely tempted to follow that sexy bunny girl and if nothing else, get her digits. Do they even have phones here? Now that you are in wonderland, do want to see how far the rabbit hole goes? You mentally curse yourself for staying up late watching the original Matrix movie last night.

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