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Into The Portal - Page 2 - Follow the White Rabbit - By BradRepko - Overview

Again cursing yourself for watching that damn movie so many times, you carefully tail the rabbit, doing whatever you can to avoid being noticed by her. Unfortunately, your constant staring at her ass doesn't help much, but then, the sexy way she hops causes it to wiggle just right, and you just wanna reach out and... woah, get a grip on yourself! Tip toeing from tree to tree, keeping your distance, you barely take the time to notice that the foliage around here seems a bit off, almost like glitchy versions of simulated flora, or perhaps deliberately designed as such. Well, you were sucked into a computer, and as you focus your attention on the bunny, your eyes nearly buldge out of their sockets. "and apparently entered paradise." you mutter to yourself, as the sexy bunny is now with an even more voluptuous girl with draconic looking wings and tail. She has the brightest, most fiery head of brilliant flowing red hair you've ever seen, and her skin is so soft and creamy looking, and she is engaging in a passionate kiss with the sexy bunny girl.

Watching the two kiss and caress each other like two long time lovers is leaving you very aroused, and this might invariably be the sexiest thing you have ever witnessed in your life. As the two pull their mouths away, you could swear that for a brief moment a strand of saliva hung between their lips, linking them together before losing to gravity's law and falling across the bunny girl's face, which the draconic girl licks up causing both to giggle. "Andy, it's been too long. How have you been." the bunny girl asks with a longing of spending a great deal away from a lover. "Very well, thank you my little hunny bunny." the dragon girl responds, giving the bunny girl a soft squeeze on her behind. Little miss rabbit looks down at the groping hand and blushes softly, then suddenly turns to look right in your direction! You quickly duck back behind the tree, barely avoiding being seen, but that had been a close one. Watching those two get so intimate made you careless, and you think that it might be time to take your leave before they notice you, because you get the distinct feeling they aren't meeting in a secluded, wooded area for any would be voyeurs.

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