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Vore Zoo - Page 1 - Vore Zoo - By Krono - Overview
The year is 2150 and the technology has been around for sometime now. The technology I speak of is very similar to that in the movie Avatar where an individual can be hooked up to a scan table and have their consciousness transposed into another living creature. Usually creatures are grown in a lab cryo-tube and are called "empties." This is because despite having all of the basics for living (breathing, heart rhythm, etc.) the creature is essentially brain dead until you transcribe yourself into it. As that creature you can see, hear, smell, taste, sense, and feel everything as if you were actually that creature. The main benefit of being transposed is that even though you may suffer a very painful and disturbing death within the creature you control, after death has set in you will wake up in your original body on the scan table. Not to mention, a lot of people like to use the creatures that have had a simple altercation to their physiology; that being a rewiring of the pain receptors to instead go to the pleasure center in the creatures brain. Also most of them have vocal chords too; which means talking animals are not just something for Dr. Doolittle. After this technology was made public, vore seemed to have become more widespread across the world.

That brings us to the Vore Zoo. This is a zoo like no other. It’s basically just an enclosed wilderness with just about every species known to man within it. No cages necessary and no feeding times, just the food chain. People who go there can choose to be transposed into any animal they desire, for a fee that is; however, with the shear volume of customers that the zoo accommodates that fee has recently become fairly negligible. After becoming a creature, you are released within the wilderness to survive, or to not survive if that is your choosing. Prey empties are a dime a dozen, so don’t fret if you’ve been eaten; just transpose into another and try again.

So it seems you want to make a visit to the Vore Zoo. What type of empty would you like to be transposed into?

Rules for Posting:
1. No one liners
2. Have fun
3. No spam
4. I'm lenient with spelling/grammar, but please don't get mad if I correct it without notifying you.
5. If the vore is unconventional (Cock, Breast, Bellybutton, UB, AV, etc.) Please try to make it realistic: proper size differences, explain special anatomy, etc. (cock vore is not my thing at all, but I will accept it if there is a bit of realism within the writing. Also please include other choices to navigate around being CV-ed)

Other than that, anything goes
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