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Yoshi story - Page 1 - The shyguy - By Nibor - Overview
One day, a red shyguy was walking along, when all of a sudden, a wet, red thing shot out and stuck to him!
He took it off, examining it, when it started pulling back from wherever it came from. The shyguy looked to the thing's source, and found that it was a Yoshi's tongue! He tried to let go, panicking, but his hands were stuck to it! The shyguy could only wait until the Yoshi ate him, and even then, it would be too late. That didn't mean he wasn't going to put up a fight though. The Yoshi pulled the shyguy into it's mouth, and started to chew and lick him, but left him alive and whole as it swallowed him. It was...
(open to everyone when the first color/male or female parts are finished. Until then, I'm doing this alone. pm me if you want to add a color.)
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