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Vore in Hell - Page 1 - Arrival - By Oujou - Overview
You slowly gain consciousness. A suffocating dizziness engulfs you, and you use every ounce of will to shake the feeling. As you come to, you realize that you are in a place you've never seen before. Large brimstone mountains decorate the horizon, only there is no sun. An eery orange glow blankets the area. The ground beneath you is black and scorched. You stand in the center of a large scorched valley with mountains surrounding you. You have no memory of how you got here.

As you study your surroundings, you realize you are completely naked and you instinctively cover yourself with your hands even though no one is around. You search for a way out but you only see mountains. Suddenly you hear footsteps coming from beyond the mluntains. What do you do?
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