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World of Vorecraft: Vorelords of Draenor - Page 1 - World of Vorecraft: The Hungry Crusade - By komaru - Overview
The world of Azeroth has always been known as a strange world, more so since the Cataclysm caused by the Black Dragon Aspect Deathwing. Now some new danger lurked from within all living creatures on the world; a hunger...for other living things. Now, it wasn't uncommon for a large creature like a Kodo, or a Dragon to occasionally devour one of the sentient races, but now, there were strange reports to both the Alliance and Horde, suddenly, there were bizarre occurrences in the heat of battle where an orc was reported shoving a human down its throat, or one of the usually peaceful Draenei taking a small goblin up her rear. Nobody knew where the source of this hunger was coming from...old magic, long forgotten? a Demonic presence? or even one of the Old Gods said to infest Azeroth's very core; but one thing was for sure; it had to be stopped, lest it consume all of the world...

Now you start your journey as one of Azeroth's many noble adventurers, you try to bring credit to your race, and your faction, sometimes even carrying the fate of Azeroth and other worlds on your shoulders. Now which race are you?

((Author's note: I've only added the female races for now, due to personal taste, however, feel free to add male branches if that is more to your liking.))
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