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tails shrunken adventures. - Page 1 - Characters And Rules / the accident - By firelordzx5 - Overview
the Characters are divided by their sexes
The Girls:
Amy Rose: Sonic-obsessed girl, she would do anything to have him in her arms. (big tits and big ass)
Rouge the Bat: Emerald thief, secret agent and treasure hunter. (huge tits and a nice ass)
Blaze the Cat: Princess who protects the Sol Emeralds (big tits, tight ass)
Cream & Vanilla(living room): The Daughter and The Mother (Cream: Teenage Body) (Vanilla: big tits and big ass)
Sally Acorn: Princess and Leader of the Freedom Fighters (Sexy body, big tits, tight ass)

The Boys:
Sonic The Hedgehog: The Hero,The fastest living creature in the universe
Shadow The Hedgehog: rival of sonic
Knuckles the Echidna: Guardian of the master emerald
Silver the Hedgehog: Hedgehog from the future and companion of blaze

F/F is now allowed
Sex and nudity is allowed
all kinds of vore is welcome. (especially unbirth and cock vore)
Tails is very small that him can enter ANY hole of the body. (example, tails enter the vagina or nipple of (female character), enters the urethra of the cock of (male character)
Tails can NOT die, but must have a non-fatal end. (example: tails, reborn as bat, cat, chipmunk or hedgehog or find help to return to normal.)

For the chapters, I give a reward of 25 to 1000 GP depending on the quality of the chapter.
the accident

It was finally ready. After countless hours of research, development, and hard work the Matter Transmitter was completed. Tails looked at his invention with satisfaction. After many test runs with inanimate objects and an Ant he found outside his workshop all that was needed now was to try it on himself.

Maybe he should’ve told someone about what he planned to do in case something went wrong, Rotor or one of the others, but he was impatient. Besides, everything worked, as he knew it would, so there wasn’t any real danger. The Ant he had successfully transmitted had been a little dazed when it re-materialized but unharmed.

Feeding co-ordinance into the computer Tails stood onto the de-materialization pad. He tried to keep calm as the scanning beams recorded his mass and composition. He estimated his atomized body would be in the pattern buffer a full sixty seconds before he would be reassembled in the location he had selected. Something he hoped to speed up as he made improvements to the unit.

With a hum the de-materialization process began. Tails felt a static build up over his body. He watched in awe his lab disappeared around him. He found himself in darkness, partials of energy swirled all round him. Instinctively Tails knew he was in the machine’s pattern buffer.

On the display panel a warning message popped onto the screen. There was an error in Tails’ pattern as it was being processed through buffer. The data governing size and mass had become corrupt. Searching through its memory core the computer located the only replacement data available, the size and mass of the Ant Tails had transmitted earlier.

Integrating the replacement data into the Tails’ pattern, the computer began the re-materialization process.

As he re-materialized Tails quickly realized that he wasn’t where he had intended to be---And something had gone very wrong.

Which sex does belong to the room where he is?
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