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tails shrunken adventures. - Page 90 - Tails goes deeper - By Palico - Overview
'Eh what the heck, Let's go all the way with this.' Tails thought. He started to twist and squeeze himself through the opening. It was tight and the fleshy tunnel pulsated around him, massaging Tails’ body as the rest of it entered into the shaft. Soon enough only Tails’ namesakes was left outside the hole, but soon enough those were slurped up into the cock.

From outside, a small bump was slowly making its way deeper into the meat. Sonic was unaware of what was happening, but he was enjoying it nonetheless. Grunts and moans of mixed pain and pleasure could be heard emanating from the hog.

Tails barely believed that this could happen and that he was reaching places that no one else could have without equipment. ‘Come to think of it, I should have had some sort of suit to stop the cum from matting my fur.’ He absentmindedly thought. Pretty soon the pathway started to level out as the bump on the outside was at the base of the fleshy tower. Tails continued to squirm his way and that bump receded into the pelvis.

Soon Tails entered a more open area, but still a bit tight, that held two paths. One of the paths was straight down while the other was more off to the side.

“What should I do?” Tails asked himself.
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