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tails shrunken adventures. - Page 91 - Sonic moves - By Palico - Overview
Before Tails could make a decision, his fleshy surroundings suddenly shifted. Sonic was on the move.

Outside, Sonic wakes up and groggily takes in his surroundings. After getting his bearings, he sat up, squeezing Tails inside his pelvic region. Noticing the pressure and not knowing what is was, Sonic decided that he needed to relieve it quickly. He also took note that his hand, lower body and bedsheets were covered in semen. Sonic got off of the bed and started to walk towards the bathroom.

Tails, not knowing was was going on, felt the pressure being placed upon him a bit unbearable. “I need to go somewhere, otherwise I will be crushed!” He gets his bearings and found that his options changed in perspective. Now there was a tightly closed path above him, and a still open path to the side.
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