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tails shrunken adventures. - Page 92 - Go down the side passage - By Palico - Overview
“I guess this is the only way that I can go right now.” Tails squirms towards the opening and starts to crawl in. The cum smell was very strong and very salty. Outside, Sonic notices the pressure being lifted and hastened his pace to the bathroom.

As Tails continues his decent, he was not sure about where he was going. His fleshy prison was tighter than before and he was slowly starting to descend. Before long, Tails started to hear a rush of water coming from somewhere else in the body. “Is Sonic peeing?!” Tails asked himself. “I’m so glad I did not choose the path towards the bladder.”

After the loud rushing water halted, Tails continued his journey. Soon his journey was at an end as his hand entered into an open area. He crawled in and flopped down inside of a sphere. The place had a small pool of cum inside of it of which Tails was re-covered with as soon as he entered.

“This must be Sonic’s balls! I made it all the way in!” Tails exclaimed.
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