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tails shrunken adventures. - Page 93 - Sonic goes to stop Eggman - By Palico - Overview
Outside, Sonic got done relieving himself, washing up, and changing gloves. He did not seem to notice that there was something else inside of him. He had not seen Tails today, but he was sure that the fox was doing some sort of crazy experiment.

Sonic turned on his TV to see if there was anything happening in the world. Breaking news was on and showing an attack on the city. Eggman was on the scene and his robots were in force. His evil laughter could be heard over through the TV.

Inside Sonic’s balls, Tails could sort of hear what was happening outside, though it was muffled. As soon as Tails heard the laughter, he knew what was coming next.

“Looks like Egghead is looking for another beat down, don’t mind if I oblige.” Sonic stated as he turned off the TV and ran out of the house.

Tails was amazed about how little the balls jostled around at breakneck speeds. They still did bounce around, causing Tails to move around and be covered in more cum, but he did not slam into the walls of his cum prison; at least not hard enough for Sonic to notice. A boom could be heard and the jostling surprisingly slowed down. Sonic must have figured out a way to run without disturbing his package too much.

Tails just laid there in the pool of cum and took in his predicament. He had made it into Sonic’s balls and Sonic was going out to stop Eggman. Tails would not be able to help him from in here, but there were other problems. He could try to escape, but that would interrupt Sonic saving the day and most likely end Sonic's friendship as he did this without his knowledge. He could stay put, but if Tails slams inside the orb too much he could hurt Sonic.

Decisions Decisions.
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