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Life in a Belly - Page 10 - Slip through the belly hole. - By Shadowblaze - Overview
You slipped through the belly hole. It reminded you of getting eaten in the first place.

You gasped- there were other people here!

Before you, all of them fully nude, stood a seductive-looking woman with long purple hair, an enormous cow woman with her huge, gaping pussy on display, and an even huger round belly bouncing above it, and a bright orange male fox, cock fully erect.

They spotted you, the cow woman taking charge: "Oh my! A newcomer! Welcome, food, to the Society of the Eaten!"

They take you by surprise.
"Oh! Umm... hey... my name's..."

The cow lady interrupts you.
"Please! Don't say any more. I'd better explain this all to you. Every new morsel eaten by the Frog need to know how things work around here. My, it has been some time since she ate..."

The three gathered round you, letting the bovine tell the tale.
"There's a certain set of ways that things work around here best. There's no rules exactly, we've just learned that there's a certain way things work best for everybody.
These have been passed down through generations... although, here, a generation is a month at the longest.
First off, we're all food here now, and it's probably best to accept that fact. We're all food that's been eaten- we're not people anymore, we're just food, so we don't use names. We all treat each other as just food, and yes- we do eat each other. It's how we've survived for generations, even if we don't individually- but hey! You've been eaten anyway! So it doesn't exactly matter, anyway! We're all food, one way or another.
This area of the belly is safe. Or, well, kinda. The main belly chamber digests food, but even then, only very, very slowly. The whole place technically digests us all the time, but you could probably be around a lot longer in this chamber. Or so we think. Like I said- we don't think any of us have ever been around longer than a month.
And yeah, there's no real rules here- just good ways of doing stuff that we've learned and passed on. We can all do whatever we want down here- we are in a belly, after all."

The large snack took a deep breath.
"And... I think that's about it.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot! This is the most important part right now!
Whenever a newcomer arrives, one of us gets gulped. It's important so we all stick around.
As you can see, there's very few of us left. The Frog hasn't eaten for a long while, and we ate the rest. I've been here the longest, nearly a full month! A lot of the others ended up as part of THIS greedy meal!" She jiggled her large gut around proudly.
"A big belly is kind of an impressive thing down here! Means you probably ate a lot of the others, and that you'll be a wonderfully filling meal! May you grow fat and delicious!
We eat for pleasure, and to keep going. Some offer themselves to those who are hungry, others trade sexual favours for meals, but whatever happens, we're all obliged to be food some way or another.
But anyway, one of us needs to get gulped!
As the newest food, you get to choose whether you want to be eaten right now or not. Otherwise, another one of us will be picked.

So, what's your choice?"
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