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Life in a Belly - Page 3 - Just eat me! - By Shadowblaze - Overview
"Just eat me!" you say, smiling.

The Frog Queen returns your smile.

"Well, pleasant journey, little one. I shall eat you now!"

True to her word, the Frog Queen wriggled a little, getting herself comfortable in her seat for your shared experience. As she did so, her breasts bounced freely around, and her round, shapely stomach jostled and jiggled. You'll soon be in there.
The Queen gradually opened her large, tight-lipped maw, displaying it to you as you stared up at your next destination.
Her tongue slithered and stretched out of her mouth, extending further and further until it reached your feet.
You stepped gently onto the tip of the tongue, and it wrapped around your body- softly, but also firmly, keeping you held in place. You realised now that you couldn't escape if you wanted to by this point. You were definately going to be eaten, and sent into this giant frog's belly.
The tongu3e lifted you up, pulling you safely into the air, and towards her big face. You smiled towards her eyes, as if to say: "Yep! It's ok. You can gulp me down now, I'm yours."
The tongue slid into the maw, pulling you with it. Those soft, rubbery lips slipped around you tightly as you were sucked in with an audible slurp.
Still wrapped in tongue, your eyes quickly adjusted to the dark of her mouth. You could see the red moving walls all around you- the obvious gaping pit of her throat waiting ahead of you.
The tongue slurped you in further, sending you closer to the throat, pausing to lap at your body, fondling your parts and tasting you strongly as it carefully unwrapped you from it's grasp, before quickly throwing you back towards the gullet.
You landed at the back of the throat- it was a little tighter than you thought, it had closed for some reason. You now had you press yourself down into it- perhaps the Frog Queen got a kick out of her food sliding into her willingly? Whatever the reason, you now slid your feet down into the hole, squirming them down further until most of your lower body was in. Next you slid your arms in, and wriggled some more, and more, and more, until...

You slipped past her mouth and fully into her throat. You could hear large, audible gulp sounds as the squishy red walls massaged you all over, pulling you down fast.
She was swallowing you now.

Suddenly, you met with the bottom of the throat, and a tight ring of muscle- the entrance to her stomach.
It opened up, slurping you in hungrily and incredibly tightly- not to the point of hurting though, but to the point where it wanted you inside. And it wanted to keep you.

With a final gulp, and a mightly slurping sound, you finally fell through- the stomach entrance instantly sealing itself tightly above you.
You fell into the belly with a wet thud.

Gentle gurgling noises surrounded you. You sat in a shallow pool of thick, very mildly tingling juice.

You sat, excitedly catching your breath, thinking to yourself: "I did it! I finally got eaten! Wow..."

After a few moments of gurgling near-silence, you heard an echoing voice around you. It belonged to the Frog Queen.

"How was it, my delicious one? How does it feel to know that you're now destined to spend the rest of your days inside my gut..?"
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