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Life in a Belly - Page 5 - Accept your fate. - By Maexam2 - Overview
*Well. Nothing I can do about it now. Better enjoy it then.*

"The decent here was very pleasant! And it's very comfy in here!", you say to the queen.

"So you accept your fate?"

"Yes. I do"

"No wriggling, fighting or pleads?"

"Yup! That's right."

"I'm glad you gave yourself to me willingly. It's very hard to find food that accepts it's fate."

"But you're so pretty! How come there's not more people or bugs wanting to be your food?!"

"You really think I'm pretty??"

"I do!"

"T-thank you. And I don't know. Maybe they are too scared or don't think I'm good enough for them."

"Well... Too bad for them! They just don't know what they're loosing! Tee hee!"

"You're so sweet, my dear. You know what? I thought of you as nothing but my food. But it can get lonely sometimes here."

"What about your friends and your subjects?"

"My subjects are too afraid of me. They think I'll eat them the first chance I get. Therefore, they don't want to be my friends."

You could feel the sadness and pain in the queen's voice.

"NOT ANYMORE! I'll be your friend!"

"You will?! Even tough I ate you?!"


"Thank you sooo much!!! But, why?"

"Because I know how it feels to be alone. And I think no one should be so."

"Don't you have friends or family?"

"I had a little brother. But he's missing since I had 7 years old. He said he was going in a journey to become stronger, so he would be able to protect me. He had 5 years old, back then."

"He sounds like a sweet kid. What happened to the rest of your family?"

You remained silent, so the queen thought that she went into forbidden territory.

"I-I'm s-sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

"No. It's okay. You didn't knew."

The queen could easily tell that you were laying.

"Tell you what. Since we are friends now, I'll let you out. Maybe we can get better acquainted?"

"Sure thing. Why not?"

The queen regurgitates you and you stand in front of her, covered in her juices.

"You can use the pond to wash your self, if you want."

"Thank you."

You wash yourself and go sit in a leaf in front of the queen's throne.

"So, how about we get to know each other better?"

What does she mean by that?
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