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Vore prison - Page 28 - Rapidly digest her - By Personad - Overview
After you put back on your clothes you concentrate on your belly enough to start rapidly digesting the girl inside you.
It was something else to see your previous huge belly return back to the size of when you unbirthed the girl.
Or at least would have cause now you look about half the size bigger.
"Hey girl! What happened in there?" You ask the girl in your womb.

"I got bigger. It looks like I absorbed some of the fat on the prisoner you ate mistress. Now I'm taller and more curvy." She tells you.

"Good. Cause your going to need to be for what I have plan for." You tell her.

"And that is mistress?" She asks.

"Alright here is the plan, instead of me letting you out at night, your going to stay inside me all the time. I'm going to eat and stuff myself full of other prisoners and you'll absorb part of them. Now I'm going to grow because your going to be my personal breeder. There are a bunch of herms inside this jail who would really like to stick it inside of any of us including me. I even heard that they form gangs to help with raping girls to knock them up. I'm not ready to be a mother. So you will be one in my place. You don't have to worry about giving birth while your in my womb.
And any other girl who I unbirth make sure to either pass on babies to them or you eat them yourself. Do all of this then you and me stay alive.
Got it?" You explain.

"Yes mistress."

"Good girl. For that, what do you want to do first?"
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