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Loli & Scritch: Scritch's Loli Luau - Page 1 - Loli & Scritch: Scritch's Loli Luau - By TARDIS - Overview
THIS STORY IS UNDERGOING A REWRITE AFTER AN EXTENDED TIME AWAY. I had attempted to rewrite it before, backing up the text and deleting the pages from the furthest ends to go back to the beginning, but the portal wouldn't let me delete some pages, I got frustrated, got doing other stuff, and simply paid it no mind. It is now getting a fresh coat of paint: the old story pages will be split off and marked as such, and the fresh ones simply left as "normal". The old story pages will eventually be deleted, but only after the new storylines are completed with multiple endings.

Welcome to my first Interactive Story! This story was first created on 5/6/2012, and will be written solely by myself as sort of an expression of thought.

This story doesn't have the reader taking the part of any particular person, instead he or she chooses how to advance to the story. This story will involve cooking, vore, cannibalism, lolicon sex, possible incest, and all kinds of things that some people may not be into; you are forewarned!

While starting out, I will focus on finishing one or two complete story paths before going back and adding more, so if there doesn't seem to be much choice going on or the story 'breaks' across different pages for seemingly little reason, it's because some of the options I'm planning haven't been written yet.

Let's begin!
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