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Vore Sector - Page 1 - Vore Sector - By shadownaga - Overview
**Hello! This is my first interactive, some of you may already know of my work on DA and my mingling in EKA. I have seen and read loads of Interactive stories, and I think I want to dip my tail into it, this interactive will hopefully cover all types of vore as it goes along ^_^**

Welcome to the Vore Sector, a place that has been left alone by all of the ShadowNaga Universes armies, a place seen as a world with no real laws and its survival of the fittest. This however is far from the truth, they may eat each other leaving the best live on but there are laws...

The days of tribes have gone to being on an open republic of vore loving beings. Because they have been left alone the people of this group of planets have evolved there vore ability’s and have mastered vore as both a way to eat and a way of pleasure...

This where you come in, life is hard for those who are foolish, you have to think fast to live and see past the smiles and lies of the preds. Maybe one day you will become one of the best, you never know... Now what are you?

Male or female
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