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oVORElord - Page 1 - oVORElord - By KamiKaze1337 - Overview
Welcome to my Story, oVORElord. Let me explain a few things before I set everyone loose. First of all, any one is allowed to add pages, but if It's something I don't like, I might just remove it. Next, almost any facet of Vore fandom is allowed. From soft or hard oral, to anal, to cock, to unbirth, and anything in between. It can me male on male, female on female, or any mixture of the two, and perhaps even some extras. My only requests are no scat, and no underage. Both of those are pretty nasty. Now, I want all pages to have some length to them. Try and get a paragraph if you would. If not, at least make it intresting. Also, try to keep everything in the story constant. I love plot twists, but don't make them stupid, or go against an established character. Now that all the negatives are rules are down, let's begin.

First, let's start with what gender your to be vore ruler shall be?
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