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Escape the Prison - Page 16 - Explain the problem - By BizzareBlue - Overview
“I can't” You protest “I don't have ...” You get no further before the dragon's open jaws descend over your head.


In a single swallow the dragon engulfs your upper body. You scream, kicking your legs helplessly as the dragon lifts you into the air, tilts back its head and begins to wolf you down.




Each powerful swallow pushes you deeper into the dragon, down its dark, sticky gullet and towards its stomach. The dragon's jaws snap shut around your feet, then with one last swallow you are shoved into its belly.

The inside of the dragon's stomach is damp, squishy and dark. You land on top of the dragon's previous meal and the two of you wriggle helplessly in the cramped space. The dragon lets out a quiet groan of pleasure from your movements then sets off in search of a quiet place to digest.

The guard kicks franticly making your cohabitation of the stomach extremely uncomfortable, not that you are behaving much differently. Pounding on the stomach walls you scream at the dragon to let you out and that it wasn't your fault you lost the pick. Wandering through the deserted streets the dragon ignores the both of you.

The middle of a town is hardly the ideal place for a dragon to sleep but with its stomach sagging from its two course meal, your captor is in no mood for flying. Choosing an old stables it slips inside and buries itself a pile of hay.

“Now food, was there something you wanted to say?” it asks.

The guards screams a few choice insults while you plead miserably for you life. “One at a time please or you both get digested.” it warns.

The guard falls silent at the threat so you begin. “I didn't mean to lose the pick.” you plead “It wasn't my fault, I must have dropped it while you were carrying me. I couldn't help it.”

“So what you're saying is I shouldn't digest you because you can't unlock doors for me anymore and are now completely useless except as food?” the dragon asks.

“No.” you protest, losing patience with the smug lizard. “I got you out of your cell and opened the prison door. You couldn't have escaped without me so you owe me.”

The dragon sighs. “I guess that's true, I apologize for eating you. I was scared of being captured again and when you couldn't open the door, I reacted a bit hastily.” You hardly feel an apology is enough to make up for being eaten alive but you decide not to interrupt. “But before I let you out, just one question. What are you going to do next?”

You pause, uncertain of how to answer that. “What do you mean, what am I going to do? Get as far from this town as I can of course.” You respond.

“How?” the dragon asks. “Our escape will have been noticed by now. There will be guards at the town gates looking for us, and if they catch you … well you'd probably be better off in my stomach.”

You hesitate. Until now you had thought little of what to do after escaping the prison. Your worries had mainly been about getting out uneaten. “I … I'll manage somehow.” You announce, “I'll find a way out.”

“No, I don't think you will.” the dragon's belly rumbles slightly as it talks and you feel the first drops of the dragon's acids begin to trickle in to the enclosed space. “I doubt you'll agree but I think this is the best option for you at this point.”

You scream an kick as the acids begin to fill the cramped space. “Hey.” the guard protest suddenly, “You might have decided to digest her but don't I get a chance to speak.”

“You are getting digested whatever you say.” snarls the dragon, “I've waited a long time to get some revenge for my imprisonment and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.” It runs a paw across its belly and begins to stoke the bulge the guard makes in its form, causing even more acids to flow into its stomach.

You struggle helplessly as the gastric juices rise around you. “Please, stop.” you beg.

The paw shifts to gently pat your bulge. “I'm truly sorry.” the dragon tells you. “But I really don't think you would survive and besides...” the dragon licks its lips contentedly, “You feel so very good in there.”

The dragon's stomach is getting more and more active. You and the guard are squeezed against each other as the powerful muscles get to work. You hear the dragon moan, careful t keep its voice down in case of passersby but unable to resist expressing its pleasure entirely.

You hear the guards protests go silent as his head is forced under the swirling liquids and after a few desperate kicks feel his struggles cease.

“One down. Your turn now little thief” the dragon whispers to its belly.

The stomach muscles are squeezing harder and very little air remains about the acids now. You realize that if you don't get out soon, you will be joining the guard. “I refuse to be food for an overgrown lizard.” You scream, thrashing wildly and putting the last of your energy into one last protest.

“Well lets see what good that does you.” the dragon chuckles then lets out the last of your air in a satisfied belch. It licks the last of you taste from its lips then runs a paw across its belly, enjoying your last few asphyxiating twitches. “Nope, seems you are lizard food after all.” With a contented yawn it curls around its meat filled belly and soon falls happily asleep.

Over then next few days there are numerous disappearances among the town guards, but despite frequent searches they fail to find any trace of the escaped dragon. Eventually after meeting out what it considers appropriate retribution, the dragon leaves the town, very happy and considerably fatter than it had been.

Score 6 out of 10 – You escaped the prison and that last option was a bit unfair wasn't it. Go back and try again.
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