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Escape the Prison - Page 17 - Panic - By BizzareBlue - Overview
You stared in horror at the dragon then back at the door to the nearest house. Desperately you grab the handle and try to turn it.

The door swings open and you tumble inside. Squeezing through the doorway the dragon pushes roughly past you and heads upstairs. Moments later there is a scream and a crash. Slamming shut the door you rush after the dragon and arrive in time to see a pair of feet vanishing into its maw. A second bulge runs down its throat to join with the first.

The dragon yawns sleepily. “No-one will look for us here so were safe for a while. Tonight we need to work out how to escape the town.” It sounds more relaxed and has an almost friendly expression towards you. “In the mean time, you look like you could do with some sleep and I need some time to deal with these two” It pats its belly contentedly then stretches out and closes its eyes.

It's right, you have been awake all night and most of the previous day, you really do need some sleep. You are not, however, comfortable sleeping near a man eating dragon. You settle down on the floorboards, as far as you could get from the dragon.

You sat in silence for a while and listen to the faint cries for help coming from the dragon's stomach. Sleep seems impossible so you decided to talk to your new friend.

“You have a name?” You ask. You aren't just asking what it is called, you don't even know if dragons have names.

A sleepy eye focuses on you, “Ilden, and you?”

“Alice” You respond.

“So Alice, what did you do to get yourself thrown in a prison.” he asks.

“Caught stealing.” You leave your answer blunt, you don't really want to talk about it. You try to change the subject, “How can you sleep with that.” You gesture at his twitching stomach. The struggles and protests of his meal have little effect on his exterior, but you imagine it is more intense on the inside.

He smiles “They wont last long, besides the struggling is actually quite nice.” he rubs his belly and it gurgles slightly. “Kind of like an internal massage, telling my stomach there is food waiting to be digested.” he smiles.

You wince, this subject was a bad choice and is making you even more uncomfortable than the last one. “I'm not going to be able to persuade you to let them go am I?” You really don't want to see two people digested because of you.

Ilden shakes his head. “I told you in the prison, it's been a long time since my last proper meal so , unless you want to take their place, no.” He yawns, giving me a long look at the dark tunnel of his throat. “Now go to sleep.” His eyes close again.
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