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Trapped in a belly! - Page 1 - Trapped in a belly! - By Shadowblaze - Overview
Your name is Alice.
You and your new friend, Jen, used to be completely normal teenage girls. That is- until you found it.

Leaving a party late one night, the two of you drunkenly stumbled into the nearby woods, finding a nice hidden place to make out, having just met one another.
The two of you soon happened over a strange, slightly glowing old book- reading it, the two of you soon discovered that it would allow the holder to perform various feats of magic!

Deciding to keep this a secret just between the two of you, you meet up often, seeing what kind of fun you could have with it. And fun you have had!
Already, you've discovered a spell which allowed you to grow a nice big cock (which you also tried out on Jen...) and decided to keep it! Being a girl with a dick totally suited you and you loved it!

Waking up in a slight haze, you look around- such odd surroundings! Where were you..?
And then you realised it. Jen towered over you, grinning, with a mischievous glint in her eye. She'd shrunk you in your sleep! You were on her kitchen table!

Perhaps leaving the book with her wasn't the best idea after all...
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