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Ms Peril demise - Page 1 - Ms Peril demise - By MrCaliban - Overview
Louise Lareau was sat on the cyber armchair of her C3 (Command/Control/Communication) room at her secret headquarter. Her blue eyes stared a dozen of screens, looking for an incident worthy for her attention, the mighty Ms Peril.

Louise had just finished updating her Facebook account, explaining how she had defeated, five hours ago, the new ‘cyber squad’ that the super terrorist called Coronel Grief had launched against her to kill her. In that moment, every one of its twelve members of the squad was in prison, battered and humbled. It was supposed that those guys where the toughest of his henchmen, but the heroine had only spent six minutes to defeat the best cyborgs that Grief had send against her.

And the worst of all, at least for the infamous Coronel, was that his men had been defeated by a 56 years old, red haired woman. Everybody could see the wrinkles on her face, around her blue eyes and fleshy lips…Everybody could see how her meat had lost her firmness and cellulitis had appeared on her broad waist and buttocks. Apparently, Louise Lareau was an ordinary mature, slightly overweighed woman.

Somehow, she wasn´t an ordinary woman. When Louise was young, thirty six years ago, a kind of super serum, the super soldier serum, had been inoculated on her, becoming her in a kind of super soldiers called Ms Peril. Thanks to that serum, she had gained a great, super human strength, endurance and healing capacity. As side effect of that, her breasts had been growing without pause in size during all those years, reaching an enormous, unnatural size, with enormous, larger-than-soda-can nipples on their summit. Due to that ‘small’ detail, Louise had been unable to hide her secret identity. No woman had that enormous size of bust!!!!
That one-woman army, during almost forty years, had beaten super terrorist, mad scientists, alien invasions and ordinary criminals without mercy.

Without mercy and invincible. None of her adversaries had never put endanger her live, or knocking her down. On her account, Louise boasted that, along her super heroic career, she had beating 42.567 henchmen, 712 different super villains, 13 arch demons, stopped 12 alien invasions, defeated an entire horde of humanoids from the dimension Nu (an horde of 100.000 warriors), and saved the human being from a total extinction 7 times…and more. Louise had published a complete list of every one of those prowesses, with dates and descriptions of all of them.

The skin of her massive, nude body was bathed by the light of the screens. On her headquarter, Louise liked to be totally naked, not only why she didn´t felt shame of her mature but powerful body but also because she felt much comfortable without the red bra that used to hold her titanic boobs during her ‘tasks’.

Then, a flashing light over a screen got her attention. Louise smiled. That alert was worthy for Ms Peril. The mature, ultra voluptuous 5’ 2’’ amazon stood over her feet and made her way to her locker room. A minute later, the naked Louise Lareau had become in the powerful Ms Peril. The mighty woman was dressed with a red bra that covered her humongous feminine attributes, a red thong, red stilettos and red shoulder-length gloves, which additionally, hide a device that allowed her to shrink down to 8 inches in height. Also, though her identity was well-known, Louise covered her face with a red mask. Really, she thought that using a mask had a psychological effect over the citizens, unable to conceive or imagine a super hero without a mask. All the pieces of her attire were made with an indestructible fabric. At least, nothing that legions of villains had used to kill the red haired voluptuousness had been able to break it.

A minute later, Ms Peril, riding her modified, high tech bike, the wet dream of any otaku, made her way to the place of the incident.
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