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Defictionalized - Page 1 - Defictionalized - Title - By AlexBrymm - Overview

This story is designed to be open ended, and you can add pretty much whatever you like. However, my personal preferences lean towards micro/macro, full tour, body exploration, and unbirth content. Any one of those would be much appreciated!

However, any sort of content is appropriate, like digestion, AV, same-size, sex, or anything else!

However, there are a few rules:

1: I reserve the right to delete any content that is of insufficient quality. At the very least, use spellcheck. You don't need to be a spectacular writer, but avoid very short chapters without any content.
2: No hard vore. Extremely realistic or gory digestion is also to be avoided.
3: No permanent death. The main character has the ability to reform if he were to perish, though, so you can still include digestion scenes.
4: Keep it open ended! Try to provide plenty of options for story progression. Don't try to railroad the reader into a single path.

Finally, a couple notes:

By default, the main character is genderless. If you prefer one or the other, just specify it when you add your addition.

I plan to remain fairly vague on the protagonist and not reveal age, living conditions, personality, sexual preference, etc unless they become important to the plot. Feel free to fill these in as needed.

Inspiration from John´s Fantastic Voyages at

If you have feedback on the story, just message me. I'd love to hear what you think, or how I can improve it!

Writers of Note: None yet! Make some strong contributions and be recognized!
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