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Your choice! - Page 78 - Oral Vore - By daisygirl - Overview
You are an explorer in the Amazon, doing your best for scientific research on all kinds of snakes found in this rainforest. Donned in a light-brown hat and jacket, a dark-grey shirt underneath and a dark-grey skirt with white thigh-high socks covering your shaven legs, you trek through the jungle, in search of your latest interest: the anaconda.

Now, you may be a vorarephile, but you realize that you can't let this get in the way of your research... no matter how tempting it may be to let the anaconda gobble you up and digest you in its tight, wet, and sticky stomach...
Okay, okay! Just think about something else... like Zelda, that's one of your favorite video game franchises. You really love the enemies that you get to face in the games, too. Especially the Like-Like. Man, you'd like-like to be swallowed by a Like-Like right now, wouldn't you...

Enough, brain! You decide to focus on your research and your research alone from now on. No more thoughts about vore.

As you cut your way through tall trees and thick grass, you hear a hissing sound. It sounds like it's coming from an anaconda! You follow the sound ecstatically, trying your best to remove any thoughts of being eaten by it from your mind. It's... not that easy...

The anaconda is slithering its way around what seems to be a small circular dent in the ground in a tiny clearing. It looks... bored. You take another step closer to it, and it notices you. You're frozen, shocked, because you see this snake moving around, across the trees surrounding the area. From your vantage point, it looks like practically just one touch from their maw to your body will practically seal your fate as their meal.
Of course, you have no time to continue this thought, as the snake has just chomped down on your head. You expect immense pain from sharp teeth, but... you don't feel any pain. All you feel is this snake pulling you up into its mouth. Strange that this snake is strong enough to lift you off the ground like it's doing right now, considering this anaconda must've had its teeth pulled out by some unknown force, and also because it's smaller than you.
You feel yourself getting more wet and aroused. You try to fight it, you say you need to continue your research, but you can't. The only thought that is in your mind right now is the thought of being swallowed whole by this thing. It's arousing you beyond your control!
Eventually, you can't take it anymore. You reach up to take off your hat, but you realize the snake has probably already taken it off and tossed it somewhere else. Instead, you take off your jacket and rip off your shirt. You unbuckle your bra and throw it away, as you don't need it anymore. You rip off your skirt, too, and unbuckle your panties. You throw them both away as well, and you suddenly realize that half of your torso is already in the snake's body. You can feel the snakes body push around you as you move your hand to your clit and sensually rub it. Since there is no more resistance, the snake sucks up the rest of you quickly and easily. Surprisingly, you can still breathe. It seems as if the anaconda is breathing in air through its stomach somehow. This thought only crosses your mind for about a millisecond until you continue to play with yourself some more. All of a sudden, you remember that you never took off your socks! But, for some reason, your legs don't have socks on them. The snake's stomach must've dissolved them... as it is soon going to do with you, when it digests you and turns you into nothing more than a meal: fuel for your anaconda master, which is always what you were meant to be. You suddenly and unexpectedly cum to the thought of this.
After being fully satisfied by what was single-handedly the best orgasm you've ever had, you feel the anaconda's stomach push around you even more, and you begin feeling drowsy. The pitch-black darkness around you inspires you to fall asleep with a dorky grin on your face, as you realize that you've finally achieved your dream. The anaconda dissolves and digests you, just as it did with your socks, and you never wake up from your beautiful slumber.

Congratulations! You win...?
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