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Dragon Camp - Page 1 - Dragon Camp - By Komsomol - Overview
You wake up and instantly hit something right in front of you, like you were violently thrown towards the wall by some mighty force, but before you open your eyes and realize where you are you get that strange feeling. It’s like the gravity has changed, your body became lighter and easier to move. Surprisingly, there’s no pain even after that rather unpleasant awakening. You open your eyes to realize what’s in front of you looks like a yellow tarp with light passing through it from the other side. You get up from your back just to notice that the ceiling is actually made of paper. As well as the floor, but the paper beneath you is different, it’s white and seems to be covered with text which you would call hand-written only of the letters weren’t so huge.
Slowly recovering from shock, you climb out of what appears to be a giant mail envelope you were lying inside. Carefully you drag your exhausted body onto the sunny road. First your head, then torso, then feet and tail.. Wait, what? The tail?! You look around in panic, look at yourself and to add to your confusion, it appears you are a dragon! You have white scales that glister in the sun, leathery wings, claws on your feet and horns on your head (you noticed them with your forepaw). You try screaming in terror but all you manage to get from your dragon’s throat is a silly whimper.
Around you there are some huge trees in a distance and grass... Well, it would be grass, if it wasn’t so damn huge. It was big enough for you to hide in it, like you were only several inches in size. This doesn’t seem right. Aren’t dragons supposed to be huge? Maybe it’s some evil joke, or you were misplaced with someone else. Either way, after calming down you decide to read the letter left in an envelope, and it takes all your dragon’s might to pull the letter out. Flapping your wings you easily get on top of the large stone, where you can see the whole letter from. It reads:
Dear victim,
I am writing this to explain your current situation. See, you did a terrible mistake in a past. The mistake was actually so bad that you were sentenced to me. Yes, my dear victim, the world around you is of my own creation, as well as your new body. Enjoy it while you can, because there is a high chance for it to last not very long.
You will not die permanently. Well, maybe you will, but I have yet to find a way you victims do that all the time. See, there is that special thing about my world. Even when your body is dead, and even if it literally gets inexistent, your mind will continue living on, seeing, hearing and feeling everything around the remains of your body. Even if it is dissolved to atoms, your mind will stick to a single atom that belonged to your former physical self. I think this is fun to observe, is it not? Sometimes when I feel amused I might even toss an extra body for my beloved victim.
Please, do not hesitate to meet your suffering. I’ve dag into your deepest dirty fantasies and built this exact place according to them. The creatures might seem to act independently, but they are actually doing what you want them to do.
Sincerely yours, K.

The letter frightens you and you fly away, flapping your wings as fast as possible. It’s definitely strange that you learned to fly so easily, like you did it all your life, but nevertheless you get tired after a long flight, and finally land on an edge of a steep cliff to look around the area. It appears to be some sort of gigantic summer camp. All the buildings are huge, and the distances between them are even bigger, though buildings are made out of wood. Looking at the size of doors and windows you begin to understand that whatever lives in there must be big enough for the buildings to seem normal-sized.
You hear a lot of sounds. Some of them are coming from the buildings, and some from behind them, and before you notice the first inhabitants you can already tell this camp (or whatever it is) is occupied. Then you suddenly see them. A pair of unspeakably large red dragons just walks down the path below the cliff you’re sitting on. They don’t spot you, and it’s not a big surprise since you’re so tiny compared to them. You suddenly think of, those dragons are large enough to swallow you whole in one bite! You gulp in fear and think of where you would go next.
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