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Boobie's Maze - Page 1 - Boobie's Maze - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
You've heard legends of the Great Maze of Nyria since the day you were born... of the treasures that lie within the Maze's walls, and of the monster that guards these treasures. No one has ever returned from the Great Maze of Nyria, so no one can tell for sure if the legends are true...
But late at night, you can see her. Her long fingers, her sharp teeth, the pale green skin of her belly stretched tight under the moon-light... her breath smells of the thousands of men she has tasted, of the acid that gurgles within her. She is temptation. She is doom. She is the guardian.
You have desided to go and seek the Maze of Nyria, to discover once and for all if there is more than a legend. Will you bring back the treasure? Will you be reduced to a meal for a monster? Well...
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