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New Vore World - Page 1 - New Vore World - By voresercher - Overview
No Hard Vore.

Digestion/scat scenes are okay and encouraged.

No death (except by digestion).

The only types of vore allowed are: Swallowing and Unbirth. Anal vore is okay.

No Furries, shrinking, or anything of the sort. Same Size, and Human vore only.

You can switch perspectives to a different character only if your current one is inside a pred, or for a scat ending.

Since only females can vore. There CAN NOT be any m/m vore. Only f/f and f/m.

If you are making a pred, always, ALWAYS make an option for somebody else to make one.

Preds and prey can be of any age.

This story takes place within the same area so characters can know and interact with each other, so I recommend that you (at least) read the 'characters' you can choose from to see if theirs any connection that you can make with the two, otherwise go nuts.

Please no fatties for main characters, however fatties for meals are okay, just keep it to a minimum (I don't mean any offense to this, I just don't like the concept of it is all)

Prey CAN pass through undigested but only on occasion (limit it to three times max. On the third time a prey gets swallowed he/she MUST be digested), though they can be digested on the first or second time as well.

A pred, can let her prey out without digesting them.

Try to keep your grammar to an acceptable level, I know mines, nothing to brag about, but try to keep the message as clear as possible and the errors to a minimum (we have spell check for a reason)

Try to keep chapters to a five sentence minimum, however less is acceptable if your character asked a question and the other person needs to answer.

(example: person A: …. What to ask him?
Option A: Can I eat you
Option B: say nothing
you pick option A
Chapter start
“ me?” he stammers
“Please, i'll let you out” you say)
Option A:...
Option B:...
End Chapter
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