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TheVoreAd - Page 2 - View the ad - By BlueKnight - Overview
"Hi!" The young woman begins in a cheery voice, sitting in a chair in a bedroom and looking a bit nervous in her underwear, she seems to be an amateur cam model. "This is an ad for a very special service I perform, called vore, the most intimate fetish possible." Then with a friendly but stern warning. "Those who aren't familiar with vore are encouraged to move on."

"You might have noticed my prices are a bit high, I have bills to pay and I don't get repeat customers." While still pleasant, but with a hint of sadness. "This isn't to say my customers are unsatisfied, it's just..." She bites her lip, as if struggling with what she wants to say. "It's a one time thing. You know what I mean?"

She takes a breath, brings a bright smile back to her face and continues on. "I accept cash and quality used merchandise as payment. Remember, you won't have a use for material possessions once I'm done with you."

"But my prices are very negotiable, especially if you look yummy." She says with a sly smile as she licks her lips.

"But if I cut you a deal, you give up all rights to choose the scene." In a husky voice she says while using one finger to play with her bra, leaning forward to reveal a bit more cleavage. "This means I can do whatever I want, however I want. It might not even be me, social sites can provide a wealth of personal information." She gives the camera a cruel smile. "Maybe a bitter ex who would like some revenge. Perhaps a longtime crush who wants you to be with them," with a loving sigh, "forever." Then she gets excited, maybe too excited. "I might even sell you to one of my friends, to make up the cost. They've always been interested in what I do." Ending with a giggle.

"To make things easier for myself, and my digestive system, I use a secret process to shrink my clients." She shakes her head profusely. "I'm sorry, I can't reveal any details, I can't afford any competition. It'll just have to be a surprise."

"Now, onto the good stuff." She grabs a gummy bear from a bag, holding it for the moment. "I can perform various types of vore. First is oral, and I prefer to swallow my clients whole. I really like how they squirm in my mouth and all the way down." She puts the candy in her mouth, swallows, and opens her mouth to show it is gone. Then with a wink she stands up, swaying her hips.

"Second is unbirthing, meaning, I shove you in my pussy." She states as she rubs her crotch. "Usually, I don't like sexual activities with my clients, since I tend to view them only as food. But I might be tempted to use them for my personal enjoyment in this way... It just depends on how horny I am." She continues rubbing herself for a moment, as if forgetting the camera and hinting at how easily she can become aroused. She stops abruptly, as if remembering her place. "Afterwords, my body will absorb you, and what happens after a mystery."

She turns around to display her ass, holding out three fingers. "Next is anal, something guys seem to have an obsession with, but I love it too." She admits while playing with her panties. "Shoving someone up my ass to be used as extra padding, it holds a certain appeal." She gives her butt a little jiggle and a slap, to give an idea of the cushion she already has.

She sits back down, but widens her eyes in surprise as she lifts a dildo into view. "Oh, by the way. With either of the last two, I might have to use a toy to get you deep enough inside." She taps her breast idly with the toy in thought. "Though I'll probably use my boyfriend's cock, so I hope you don't mind getting covered in cum."

"Fourth," she puts the dildo in between her breasts, "cleavage vore." She squishes her tits together, mashing the toy in between. "I'll place you deep between my breasts, where you'll be slowly melted away and absorbed as extra fat for my boobs, a very rewarding experience for me. Because this is a very long process, I'll probably end up watching a movie or playing some video games and forget you're even there. I hope you won't mind."

"Last, is breast vore." She suddenly removes the vibrator, as if embarrassed she forgot about it. "This one is very difficult for me, so I need you to be very willing to accept your fate when I shove you inside my nipple."

"This one is great for couples." Bouncing her pair of ample tits. "And being turned into breast milk is probably the best way to leave my body. I can even have you delivered to someone of your choice. Wouldn't that be a great Valentine's day surprise?" She says with a sly smile.

"I also do various role-playing, so feel free to ask. Things like Giantess, crushing softly you with various parts of my body. Accidental vore, where I unintentionally devour you inside of food. Domination, where I force you to perform increasingly difficult and humiliating tasks, until you fail, and I get to eat you."

"The most popular seems to be unwilling role-play, since almost everyone does this in the end. They kick, scream, struggle, and beg for their lives. It's almost convincing." She shakes her head to clear away the thought. "Not like you would ask to get eaten and change your mind at the last moment." She slips the camera a small knowing smile. "Would they?"

Just to recap.Oral, pussy, anal, cleavage, nipple." She points to each part as she calls it off. "No sex, you're just food. No tricks or games, or I will make an example out of you. And come alone, unless otherwise arranged, I hate giving out freebies."

"Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon." As she is about to blow a kiss to the camera, a knock is heard on the door. "He's here!" She says as she runs off camera, only to come back. “Meal time.” She says with a smirk and ends the video.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You stare at your monitor as the video ends. No way this is real, perhaps a commissioned video or some kind of live role-play.

But anyways, you have places to be and things to do. So you leave home and live out just another normal day among many. But you just can't get that ad out of your mind. People notice you're distracted today, but you assure them you're perfectly fine.

Later on though, you catch a news story about a college kid who mysteriously disappeared, and he wasn't the first. He had cleared out his bank account, sold all his belongings, and was last seen on a public bus, never to be seen again. Since he was an adult, and there were no signs of foul play, police just assumed they packed up and left and there was no formal investigation. The only reason the story had made the news was that concerned friends and loved ones were adamant they had been kidnapped.

Curiosity gets the best of you, and you decide to send a message to the email in the ad. A simple message couldn't hurt anything, could it?

You receive an immediate response...

[email protected]
-Hi! Thank you for you interest! Provided you can meet my fees, I will do my best to give you the experience you desire. If you would like more information, go alone to Main Street park and send me a picture of yourself. You will be given directions that you must follow.

Looks like an automated response, and an obvious setup for a kidnapping. You go to bed, wondering what you should do. When you wake up in the morning, it's time to make your decision. An easy one for most people, who wisely choose to be safe...But are you most people?
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