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Seclusion, sort of... - Page 1 - Seclusion, sort of... - By reclusenutcase - Overview
You begin as a person set on mandatory vacation on a discount vacation island getaway with your other quote end quote friends. You didn't want to do this getaway, but your employer said you weren't being socialable enough, and now you are stuck on this island with a bunch of people you don't know, nor really like for that matter.

It's day three of a 3 week vacation, and you are already wishing this vacation was over and you were at home killing time on your computer or, getting back to personal hobbies.

Out of bordome and the fact that you don't want to hang out with your work colleagues, you start wondering if you should take a brisk walk through the forest deeper in the island instead of hanging out at the beach all day. The only thing holding you back is, the odd earyness surounding the forest enterance.

What do you choose to do?:
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