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The Vorno Director - Page 1 - The Vorno Director - By MeTheMe - Overview
As the title implies, for this story you will take the role of a Director working on a porn/vore film, a vorno, if you will. The Director is left intentionally vague, gender, species, name, etc, and is meant for the reader to put themselves in his person, or whatever you want to do. The story will unfold like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book with a few possible orders from The Director. By the end of this project, there may, or may not be a few secret endings, you could find them via overview, but wouldn't that ruin the adventure of finding them in the story? ;) Continue, Director, and film a vorno like the best of them!

Planning on this containing sex, oral vore, unbirth, and non-fatal digestion. I'll add to this list if need be.

Since there's no real comments section for Interactive Stories, I've made a thread here for it. ->
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