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Size Mishap - Page 1 - Size Mishap - By shepard1990 - Overview
Your name is Jack, a normal American teen going to high school with a lot of friends and a bright future ahead of you. But on a strange day on your way to school you witness a car accident like none other, a plain looking white delivery van seems to just swerve out and into a traffic pole spilling barrels out of the back and a green goop flows freely from them. Being the only one around you go to help, approaching the truck the horn is blaring from where someone is obviously knocked out. You open the door and notice the green stuff all over and get some on you accidentally. You try helping the driver out but then something strange happens, the truck disappears then the driver right out of your arms disappears as well. You blink a few times in disbelief and finally begin walking away. You start to feel funny still reeling from what you now think must have been your imagination or a hallucination, you're heading to..
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