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Tyamet's Adventure 2 - Page 1 - And so it begins... - By Tyamet2000 - Overview
Tyamet grinned as she looked around her. The sight of dead foxes made her almost giggle with happiness. Raising her hand, she smirked as she watched the souls of these foolish warriors enter her form, adding to her growing power. Soon, she would have enough power to defeat the empress of the land, and take her place as absolute ruler. Then she would purge the land of these vile foxes once and for all.

As the last soul vanished, she heard a twig snap behind her. Turning, she saw a red vixen, her face and body cloaked by a large brown cape. "Oh seems I missed one.", Tyamet grinned. "Save yourself the trouble, and just drop to your knees. I'll make it quick and painless." She readied her scythe with a smirk.

" is time you pay for your sins, vile sorceress." The vixen raised her hand. Energy crackled around Tyamet, holding her in place despite her struggles. "You have taken many innocent lives. But a single death is too kind for one such as you." She motioned with her hand, lifting the struggling lizard into the air. "We shall see what will become of the Maze of Fate." She clenched her hand. With a loud explosion, Tyamet vanished.

The lizard girl awoke some time later, groaning as she rose to her feet. "Ngh...where...?" She found herself inside a small stone room, with only a long hallway ahead of her, as well as another to the right, left, and behind her.  "...what trickery is this?"

Suddenly, the vixen's voice sounded around her. "You are in the Maze of Fate, Tyamet. Your magic is useless here. Consider this punishment for your crimes. If you can escape the maze, you may do as you wish to me. There are many dark fates, however, that await you if you cannot escape. Each path will take you to a new world, with challenges. Right decisions will reward you with freedom. Wrong ones will seal you there forever to suffer whatever dark fate awaits you. I will enjoy watching your downfall."

Tyamet snorted, and folded her arms. "Hmph...very well. When I find you, my mysterious wench....I'll make you beg for mercy.."
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