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A routine flight - Page 1 - A routine flight - By myusername - Overview
WARNING: This story contains themes of a sexual nature including fantasy vore. This story is not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) or may be offended by this do not continue.

You awake in your small space craft to the frantic sound of alarms and flashing red lights. Quickly you emerge from your quarters in your panties and bra “Now is not the time for decency” you say to yourself. When you arrive at the controls your partner, a rather large reddish gooey alien named Voretan, was already at the helm.

"Sarah what took you so long" Voretan screamed in a panic. You quickly blurt out “what is happening?” The beast replies “we are in trouble pirates are on our tail and we are going down. I see a clearing on the moon below I think if we crash land we can lose them. Alternatively we could surrender and take our chances.”

1) Crash land on the moon.
2) Take your chances with the space pirates.
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